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Monday, February 10, 2014

Just a Few Beading Board Newbies

A beautiful day here in southern Oregon but now the much-needed rain clouds return for tomorrow's promised rain. I have my granddaughter, Aleah, in CA doing a rain dance for us. Our koi pond is empty, a wonderful 18 year project between me and our grandkids. Each child would choose their own 3-4" koi from our local dealer and most would name them. Then we'd walk down to the pond and in they go!! Every summer most all of our grandkids would visit for their week at Gram and Grampa's and check in on their fish ~ how they grew each year! By 2013, most all were from 2-3 feet long and real beauties! But this winter the pond emptied with lack of rain and our local black bear and our wretched Blue Heron (fishing from the dock)  had fulfilling meals of the left-overs. Alas, over a dozen disappointed grandkids and one mad Grandma hen! Better luck next season and Aleah promised she'd help me re-stock the pond. Keep dancing,Sweetheart!!

A few recent goodies from my beading board to share. Enjoy!!

Hugz, Dini

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