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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Trip North

Saturday I'll pack up the Jeep, complete with bead tray, walking cane, groceries, and Shih Tzu (Libby), and head north to one of our big kid's house. Grandson, Carson, will also head up there from college to fish with his uncle on the McKenzie River. It'll be great fun, a small unit out of our big family (6 big kids and their families and their families!) but a great unit! Since my serious 2013 health challenges, I haven't been able to watch granddaughter Kayla (16) at the riding arena so that's on my calendar for Monday. And granddaughter Kendra (14) has recently gotten into the cooking mode so we'll work their kitchen over! She's also a movie buff so if we can find a movie she hasn't already seen more than once, we'll head to the theater.  I have missed getting to be an "active" Gramma! Here are some of my "special people":
Carson (much younger - now @ Chico College, CA)) 
Kayla (much younger)

Kendra (@ the stables)

Kendra (younger)

Our Son, Keith

Our D-I-L, Kristi (Photographer extraordinaire!)


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