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Saturday, October 31, 2009

NEWBIES: The Chevron Collection

The Chevron Series
This series was developed especially for the discerning jewelry shopper. Many of these pieces are 2-sided and all are designed to turn heads in a crowd! Each piece is made from thousands of Miyuki delica beads and most all of them can be custom made in your particular color choices.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Measurements: Height 69mm,
Width: 40mm
Color: Black/Silver
Material: Ceramic (Porcelain)/Sterling Silver
Place of Origin: China
Product #: PB-PEN61

Handpainted Porcelain and Sterling Pendant Black Swirls and Checks - 15% OFF!
This sterling silver and hand-painted porcelain pendant is a must-have item. It is truly wearable art in sterling silver frames. Its black swirls and checks create a unique pattern that is both artistic and captivating. Each piece is handmade in the USA and is the perfect piece to set your designs apart.
Every pendant is large enough for a complicated, multi-strand design, and stunning enough to stand alone with a simple chain or ribbon. Despite being handmade, these pendants are virtually flawless in their similarity. Though the consistency from bead to bead is amazing, there will be slight variations due to the handmade nature. Rest assured that these pendants are extremely high quality and variances will be minimal. Add a small work of art to your designs for a unique, one of-a-kind touch. Use this pendant when you want to create a designer fashion look or even an everyday classic.Save 15% on select black and red jewelry components. Whether you want to create a Twilight®-themed piece of jewelry, or you simply love red and black, you're sure to be inspired by the items in this sale. From beads to links, crystals to necklaces, these stunning items will help you create beautiful jewelry for every occasion. Simply enter coupon code SCW15P-PCS at checkout. Shop now! The quality of this pendant is top notch. This sale ends at 9am (PST) on Thursday, November 5, 2009.
Hand-Painted Porcelain Pendants
Link: http://www.artbeads.com/porcelain-ceramic-pendants.html
HTML link: http://www.blogger.com/%3Ca%20title="> Hand-Painted Porcelain Pendants

See http://www.artbeads.com/

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"WORKSHOP IN THE BARN" - Beverly Ash Gilbert

"Beads on Metal" Luncheon
Workshop in the Barn; October 6, 2009

Classroom; The Barn


Yours Truly
Grants Pass, OR

Each day of the worshop there was a bounty of delacacies having nothing to do with beading and everything to do with friendship. Late every afternoon the wine bottle(s) would come out to accompany the absolutely wonderful hors d'oeuvres made by Beverly. One day Beveraly treated us to a wonderful luncheon - exotic salads, fresh fruits and a dessert to die for. One evening when we worked (beaded ~ is that work?!) until 9, she created a fresh salmon meal for us ~ the wafts of her kitchen expertise wandered up the stairs to the barn above where we all were gathered. The Saturday brunch was another milestone - her dining table set like it came right out of Bon Apetit magazine.
Carol Sween
Gig Harbor, Washington

Carol is a "newbie" at beading - she was hosting Adrienne during her stay here from Wales and never anticipated even participating. No one else was really surprised when she ended up creating some wonderful beading on metal. Her excitement was contageous ~ here she works on her free-form wandering with color necklace in blacks and deep blues ~ I would love to see it finished and Carol wearing it to her son's upsoming wedding!

"Wander with Color" by Kerstin Martin
Bellingham, Washington
Kerstin was one of the few "locals" attending - a professional photographer by trade, Kerstin's sense of color lit up the room! Here she worked on a free-form bracelet using Dark Chocolate, Grass, Tropical Punch, Fuchsia Bead Soups.

"BEACHCOMER Pendant" by Betty Hensley

Betty flew in from North Carolina to join us in the "Workshop in the Barn". A vibrant woman, Betty's personality added spark and pizazz to the entire unit. Not intimidated by the use of color, this rich piece of Betty's was one of her "blander" pieces. She encompassed this beach glass piece in Hydrangea Bead Soup. For some reason, the only photo we have of Miss Betty is during our luncheon so look for her there.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Choosing colors and creating blends between the main colors.

After the first 4 rows, the larger beads are added for interest.

Almost finished, just to add the clasp!


...flew in from Wales, yes Wales! She is an extremely talented, willing to try anything, humorous woman who warmed the barn with her infectious smile and was a quick study in new friendships. It really was her admiration for Beverly's work that got her started in encouraging the creation of "Autumn Festival; Workshop in the Barn" with Beverly.

Adrienne had never really beaded before and her intention was to learn free-form peyote ~ the photos above are samples of some of the exciting pieces that she created via the workshop classes.The first half of the 2 day "Wandering with Color" class is described In Adrienne's own words: "The first half day explores colour theory, and includes collage exercises which reinforce the colour theory, but which also give participants a couple of colour schemes for future use with beads, or even interior design! Beverly then explains how she creates her wonderful bead soups, and evrybody begins to think about the colour scheme for their pieces, and we blend beads to make new bead soups which work as transitions between the bead soups in the colours chosen for the piece. That's probably as clear as mud, hopefully the photos below makes it clearer. I worked with the 5 main colours in the photo, but made blends so that the transitions between colours were not abrupt."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


(Photo by Diane Ahern)
Bead Artist


Beverly Ash Gilbert is one of those extraordinarily talented spirits that lights up the room before she even enters - she shared some of her many talents with a handful of us "hungry" beaders during a weeklong workshop that she held in her barn in Kirkland, Washington. After my own year of challenges with 4 hand reconstruction surgeries and a mountain of physical therapy, I was so ready to indulge myself with the pleasure of spending a week with other "like enthusiasts" who spoke the same "Bead Language" that I did. It was far more than I ever anticipated and the memories continue to linger on, and on,...already thinking and planning next year's reunion.

Beverly travels and teaches as well ~ if you ever get the chance to fit one of her classes into your life, I encourage you to make it a priority. See her traveling schedule at: http://www.beverlygilbert.blogspot.com. She is the creator and author of "Eye for Color"; a unique collection of interchangeable templates and color wheel system and a "must-have" for any beader.

She is the creator of "Bead Soup", (with the assistance from one of her sons) a unique, broad blend of colors, textures, and sizes of beads and gems neatly packaged in a see-through plastic box. It is a feast for the eyes and they are inspirations for the soul. You can find them on her website: .http://www.gilbertdesigns.net/beadmixes.html. I invite you to take a look and drool!

Tomorrow I will introduce you to the eclectic group of beaders who I spent the workshop week with; talent from all corners of the world: literally. See you tomorrow.