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Thursday, May 6, 2010


"Summertime Garden at Night"


There are a few color combinations that I believe we all feel go together and one of them is black, yellow and white. With that in mind, it was time for me to get searching for the components to use in Artbeads "Summertime" theme.

Measurements: Height 40mm,
Width 41mm

Color: Yellow

Material: Glass

Shape or Style: Diamond

Place of Origin: Italy

This lovely yellow Murano glass curved diamond pendant has a large hole for threading ribbon and is decorated with random fields of white and yellow flowers. The white and yellow flowers lay on a yellow field. The design of each of these handmade pendants will vary according to the artist's wishes. To create a pendant, the artist cuts multi-colored glass rods into thin circles that display a floral pattern. He adds these into his diamond design, fuses them together and shapes the diamond into a curve.
Product Code: VZDC-JET20
Measurements: Length 22-23mm,

Width 22-23mm,

Height 11-12mm

Color: Jet

Material: Venetian Glass

Shape or Style: Disc

Place of Origin: Italy

These millefiori disc beads are among the most famous Venetian glass beads being used today. The literal translation of millefiori is "thousand flowers," and the intricate flower embellishments in these beads are infused using world famous Murano glass rods and adorned with brilliant gold foil. These beads are created with the Zanfirico technique, which consists of heating glass rods, twisting them together, and coating them with a clear glass encasing. This results in an intricate filigree effect. The combination of the gold foil and black glass gives these beads beautiful color. Use these Venetian beads as focal points on necklaces or simple earrings, or string them together for a beautiful effect. Artbeads suggests to use wire when working with these beads due to slightly ragged glass edges. I always work with Fireline and that has worked beautifully. Once again, the quality of these pieces are extraordinary.

As you all know, every few months I am privileged to write a product review for Artbeads, a Washington-based full scale bead company. As the artist, I am asked to choose my product, free of charge, from a list of potential items, and give my readers an honest review.

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