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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Aghhh, challenges, challenges! It seems like it has taken me eons to complete this scrumptous lion.

Try beading without the use of your thumb ~ what I found was that there was no way I could create a tension in my work.

Sometimes, during one's advanced years, there is a certain stubborness that surfaces....

See below....


from our
I've been working on this old fella for a little while now. The wonderful lion head comes from Amee of "Amee Runs With Scissors".
Leo has been on my beadboard recently - I worked on him while my arm and hand was still in a cast (after 4 reconstruciton surgeries) and when the cast came off and the pins out, I worked on it with a traction hand brace. He helped me keep my sanity through my rehabilitation!
We've become good friends ~ this guy will live in my private collection.
But, I do have 2 more unspoken for lions (green and coral) and they are asking for a good home; I will make them up as custom orders in your special colors and length - just contact the Zoo Manager: di42ni@msn.com.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, we're pretty excited!! The Beadweaving Emporium beadweaver's market at 1000 Markets) is now LIVE and open to the public for business and for new member requests. We currently have 13 beadweaving shops open with more joining every day.
If you are a beadweaver and already have a shop at 1000 Markets and are interested in joining our market, come and see us at:

Monday, April 13, 2009



I have been nominated for an award called the "Sisterhood Award." Given to me by
Jan Geisen http://www.jangeisen.blogspot.com/.

It was given because she thinks my blog is creative and inspirational, and in return, I get to nominate women whose blogs inspire and encourage me.

I have chosen:

1. Rachele Dagney @ http://rachelesoriginals.blogspot.com/.
2. Linda Roberts @ http://beadsforever2.blogspot.com/
3. Louisa Meece @ http://beadedextravagance.blogspot.com/
4. Sarah Kelley @ http://thebeadedlily.blogspot.com/
5. Karen Gill @ http://insidethehidingplace.blogspot.com
6. Marilyn Goodman @ http://cigarboxbeads.blogspot.com
7. Amanda Conlin @ http://conlinscreations.blogspot.com

So go check out their blogs and thank you, Jan!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beadweaver's April Challenge Entry: VOTING TIME!

LENGTH: 45" inches - a lariat style
COLORS: Every color in the rainbow
DOUBLE-CLICK: Always double click on all the thumbnail photos for a close-up, detailed view.
This necklace has been created specifically for entry in the Etsy Beadweaver's (EBW) April Beadweaving Challenge. The subject of the challenge is: "Time Machine".
"Time Machine:" Close your eyes and wander back in your mind....Have you ever gazed at that gorgeous clear rainbow just after the rain and when the sun comes out? As a child, I used to wonder oh so much if there really was a pot of gold at the end ~ it was a temptation to start walking towards one end of that rainbow to see what I could find yet I was scared if I found nothing, I'd be so disappointed.
Well, if you look closely at this "tempting" necklace, you will see for yourself......This necklace is a OOAK (one-of-a-kind) piece that you can wear in a myriad of ways and is sure to start a conversation at any gathering.
EBW BLOG SITE: I encourage you to visit our team blog at http://www.etsy.beadweavers.blogspot.com. to see all the member's entries.
VOTE: Between April 9 and 15th, you will be able to vote for your favorite entry at the above web site. YOU CAN ALSO do a search for the tags "EBWC" to see the entries the members have listed so far.

NOTE: Double click on photo for close-up view.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Meet my granddaughter, Kendra.
aka: "Jelly Bean"

Beadazzled of Oregon Actively Supports Autism Awareness Month

B of O will donate 50% of all proceeds from the sales of any items in any of my shops to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) group (for the month of April) in honor of my "Jelly Bean" granddaughter, Kendra Seanor and in honor of her sister, Kayla, and her parents: Keith and Kristi. Autism, as with all chronic health issues, not only affect the child but obviously changes the lives of everyone surrounding them. As always I donate 10% to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in memory of my mother, Helen.

If you have an Etsy shop and are interested in joining our group you can find us at: http://team.etsy.com/profilest/autism.shtml or if you are interested in supporting autism, you can do an Etsy search for: "Etsy for Autism" to find the fine products of group members. Learn more about this affliction ~ it's the only way we can help those who need us the most. Thank you!

NOTE: Double click on photo for close-up view.

Friday, April 3, 2009



Our proposal for THE BEADWEAVING EMPORIUM has been stamped: APPROVED as a new market at 1000 Markets!! We submitted our proposal to their management yesterday afternoon and received a "Well Done" acceptance email from CEO Matt at 10pm last night. We are all very excited and now look forward to getting our actual electronic marketplace created, post each of our shops there and look forward to inviting all beadweavers across the country (and soon to be international) to apply for membership in our group. This move allows us to spotlight our own particular kind of unique beading to be showcased in it's own entity which we believe will make it easier for the public to find us. Until now, beaders, beadweavers, bead makers, lampwork bead makers, etc. at 1000 Markets have been bunched together under "jewelry".

These shops are the hard-working Founding Members of the Market:
If you are a beadweaver and are interested in membership, we invite you (at this time) to contact either me (Beadazzled of Oregon) or Racele Dagley (Rachele's Originals). We are compiling a list now. Soon we will have our own 1000 Markets link to membership and I will post that here so watch for it!

NOTE: Double click on graphic for close-up view.

Thursday, April 2, 2009



Beadazzled of Oregon started it's own shop at 1000 Markets, a new selling venue sincerely based on "quality not quantity" just a few weeks ago. After a week of being open, still posting my inventory (and haven't finished that yet!) I spent some time investigating my way through the marketplace there. It occurred to me that all beaders were glomped together: stringers, beadweavers, lampwork artists, bead makers, etc.

That insight gave way to the initial idea that we beadweavers should have our own marketplace that just showcased our art. So, OK, you know the rest... Inviting anyone who might be interested in such a venture, within a handful of days there was a solid group of 8 of us who have spent the entire last week, pioneering our way through writing up our proposal, choosing our name and tag line, establishing our vision of the market we wanted to establish and deciding on a final banner graphic. We will call ourselves: The Beadweaving Emporium.

Today we spit and polish and make sure all those "i's" are dotted and submit it for consideration by the 1000 Markets jury. Regardless of the outcome, (though obviously we hope it's a positive acceptance) this last week has been a wonderful, non-stop experience by 8 devoted, hard-working entrepreneurs, teamed together for a common purpose. Great job gals!

Mumblings in the outside beading world that this proposal is in the works surfaced. Now my list for other beadweavers who are ready to join us is growing daily. And, that's exciting too! Any beadweaver reading this now, if you are interested in joining this group, please send me your name AND email address and I'll keep you postes on our progress. Stay tuned for the outcome.

NOTE: Double click on photo for close-up view.