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Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm B-A-C-K!!

Hi Dear Friends/Family and Onlookers,

So, what's been happening here at Beadazzled of Oregon? Well, a quick catch-up ~ as you can see, I have been unable to keep up with my computer duties for some time now. We'll chalk it up to serious illnesses and a new titanium leg! Too many challenges in a short amount of time chained me up and put me in a position of total non-activity; my only mission was: rehabilitation of myself. I was forced to let go (what a challenge!) of all outside activities until the mission was completed. Am happy to report that I'm about 95% there at this time; hooray!

So, with renewed energy and a multitude of goals, let's get started together once again and...thankX always for your patience and support. Without it I doubt if I'd be here now.

Thanksgiving 2013 found our whole family and their whole families back together at Gramps and my place in Grants Pass, OR ~ an annual 5 day marathon where the CA and OR kids of ours and their offspring all get together here for 5 days of food and fun and visiting and laughter and love. There are sleeping bags and blow-up mattresses everywhere for the bodies that land here; under the pool table, in the master bedroom (we kick the older bodies out of there and the kids take over...yes, it's a b-i-g room!). Then there are the 3 couches, the shop office room with futon, and the motor home. When the OCCUPIED sign goes out there are 24 of us!

This year, due to my health issues, 3 of our "older" kids rented a house down by the Rogue River and thinned out the sleeping capacity in our house. Thank you "dahlings"! While I was confined to bed, the whole gang did all the cooking and the grandkids did the cleanup. They took turns coming into my bedroom and entertaining me; it was wonderful!

As Grampa and I were saying our goodbyes to all as they drove out the driveway towards their homes, one of my granddaughters asked me if I could possibly bead her guitar strap; she's headed to Nashville upon graduation... When energy permitted, I had been beading through this past year but this would be a wonderful challenge. I wanted to bead her "story". I choose delicas and for those of you that know beads, they are fabulous to work with but very tiny and my recent diagnosis of MS had clouded my vision. Who cares ~ I got started on it. It took me the better part of 2.5 months to finish but she was thrilled and that's all that seemed to matter to both of  us.

Miss Brenley (Peanut Rene)

~ Delicas and Love ~

So, here it is, now 2014.  Happy New Year, my friends!! With renewed health and energy, "Let's Get Started"!

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Love and blessings,

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