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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Is This Heaven?

Woke up to a rainy Saturday morning, untangled myself from around the dogs and rolled myself upright ~ turning a few corners, just a few more feet and I was in my little studio. Now I used to have the whole back room in the back of our house - but, but, but the computer wasn't in there, no TV (though usually I listen to music or the Food Channel) and worst of all, little natural light and no visual access out a window. Well, I don't mean to sound spoiled, (and I am) but after a few years of making quilts and doing beading in there, the frustration mounted.
So this winter I slowly started transferring my books and graphic supplies to the back room and schlepping my beading inventory into the front tiny office. Many trips, many, many trips!
Now I am all squished into this much smaller space but, but, but...I have huge windows that look out on the forest that we share with our 4-legged creatures, a tiny TV in the corner and my computer. I have a little bubbly fountain on my work desk (necessary for creating) and feel totally content surrounded by colors and textures, soothed by the fountain and music, and with my two hairy darlings stretched across my feet and under my chair.
What I noticed this rainy morning as I gazed at my table is that I'm very close to being out of control here! (Gads, please don't tell my husband I actually said that). I absolutely never have only one project in process together; more like 4-6, and then I'm pulling colors for a 7th, well, you get the picture. While one piece is drying (E-6000) I'm working on 2 others, and casting glances at a few projects still in very early stages to see where I'm going to go from there with them. This last week I had 3 projects going, and all in greens. I got bored with the color ~ and voila, time to start something new in a different color just to keep my interest up!
The result is what you see above. And that's only the view in one direction! I suppose your workplace is organized and free of clutter? No reply necessary. Oh well, Onward!!


Andrew Thornton said...

This is out of control? HA, HA, HA! You'd go bonkers looking at my studio. It's an absolute heap of beads and projects... some partially laid out, others in various states of transformation. And it might seem like a random mess, but I know where absolutely everything is hiding.

Good luck organizing everything though. I think if I went and organized everything in my studio, I'd be more lost then when I started.

Anonymous said...

I believe too much organization is the enemy of creativity! You call that a mess... Ha! How can you see that those Orange and red beads might make a wonderful new colorway with the topaz lined pale lime triangles if you don't let them run fee a little? :) Something that is tickling my fancy is your tubes of greens are about exactly a colorway I bought without any idea of what kind of treasure I was going to make, so I have those same tubes sitting next to each other waiting for inspiration to strike! I know this is an old post for you, I hope your studio is much more to your liking now! Tigre Silvyr (surfed in from FB)