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Thursday, April 2, 2009



Beadazzled of Oregon started it's own shop at 1000 Markets, a new selling venue sincerely based on "quality not quantity" just a few weeks ago. After a week of being open, still posting my inventory (and haven't finished that yet!) I spent some time investigating my way through the marketplace there. It occurred to me that all beaders were glomped together: stringers, beadweavers, lampwork artists, bead makers, etc.

That insight gave way to the initial idea that we beadweavers should have our own marketplace that just showcased our art. So, OK, you know the rest... Inviting anyone who might be interested in such a venture, within a handful of days there was a solid group of 8 of us who have spent the entire last week, pioneering our way through writing up our proposal, choosing our name and tag line, establishing our vision of the market we wanted to establish and deciding on a final banner graphic. We will call ourselves: The Beadweaving Emporium.

Today we spit and polish and make sure all those "i's" are dotted and submit it for consideration by the 1000 Markets jury. Regardless of the outcome, (though obviously we hope it's a positive acceptance) this last week has been a wonderful, non-stop experience by 8 devoted, hard-working entrepreneurs, teamed together for a common purpose. Great job gals!

Mumblings in the outside beading world that this proposal is in the works surfaced. Now my list for other beadweavers who are ready to join us is growing daily. And, that's exciting too! Any beadweaver reading this now, if you are interested in joining this group, please send me your name AND email address and I'll keep you postes on our progress. Stay tuned for the outcome.

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Karen Gill hidingplacebeadery.etsy.com said...

Great post Dini! I'm working on mine now.

XXX Karen

Jan said...

2607925I will also post info about 1000 Markets on my blog. I'm excited!