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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


from our
I've been working on this old fella for a little while now. The wonderful lion head comes from Amee of "Amee Runs With Scissors".
Leo has been on my beadboard recently - I worked on him while my arm and hand was still in a cast (after 4 reconstruciton surgeries) and when the cast came off and the pins out, I worked on it with a traction hand brace. He helped me keep my sanity through my rehabilitation!
We've become good friends ~ this guy will live in my private collection.
But, I do have 2 more unspoken for lions (green and coral) and they are asking for a good home; I will make them up as custom orders in your special colors and length - just contact the Zoo Manager: di42ni@msn.com.


BeadsForever said...

Oh, I love Leo (alias Mr. Bad Hair Day." What a glorious example of your wonderful creativity!

Carol Dean said...

Such an amazing necklace, Dini! I wouldn't part with it either, were I you. :D