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Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's On My Beading Board Today?

He's just wonderful!!
I was browsing the web one day, came across "Amee Runs With Scissors". OK, now if you came across that as a name for a shop, wouldn't you check it out? Of course, so I did. Amee does some fabulous multi-media work but this old gal fell absolutely in love with her lions.

Alas, I couldn't locate an actual outlet shop for her so I contacted her and asked if she ever made these fellas for sale. Well, no, she hadn't...so I pleaded (and I'm really good at that) and Amee agreed, making me 4 lions with the most fabulous, individual personalities you ever saw. I couldn't wait to get started on one...but other work got in the way. Finally last night I poured the accompanying beads onto my beadboard and began.

Follow this guy as we proceed together to a finished piece. I'm thinking he needs to be called "It's A Bad Hair Day". What do you think?

Find Amee at: http://www.ameerunswithscissors.com/home

NOTE: Double click on photo for close-up view.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I love him! His colors are fabulous and I like his windswept hair.

Karen Gill hidingplacebeadery.etsy.com said...

He's adorable! A real hummer!

Kristi said...

The girls and I think you should name him, "Simba" hehe. They thought it looked like the Lion King movie.