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Thursday, October 22, 2009


...flew in from Wales, yes Wales! She is an extremely talented, willing to try anything, humorous woman who warmed the barn with her infectious smile and was a quick study in new friendships. It really was her admiration for Beverly's work that got her started in encouraging the creation of "Autumn Festival; Workshop in the Barn" with Beverly.

Adrienne had never really beaded before and her intention was to learn free-form peyote ~ the photos above are samples of some of the exciting pieces that she created via the workshop classes.The first half of the 2 day "Wandering with Color" class is described In Adrienne's own words: "The first half day explores colour theory, and includes collage exercises which reinforce the colour theory, but which also give participants a couple of colour schemes for future use with beads, or even interior design! Beverly then explains how she creates her wonderful bead soups, and evrybody begins to think about the colour scheme for their pieces, and we blend beads to make new bead soups which work as transitions between the bead soups in the colours chosen for the piece. That's probably as clear as mud, hopefully the photos below makes it clearer. I worked with the 5 main colours in the photo, but made blends so that the transitions between colours were not abrupt."

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