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Friday, July 24, 2009

These hand-painted Russian pendants are absolutely top-quality; really divine! A great deal of craftmanship goes into each unique and intricate design. Made in limited qualtities, these little gems are sure to become a highly sought-after product. Worth every penny, these hand-painted Russian pendants are real treasures. Get them at ArtBeads.

I used this scrumptous Deco-Art piece (which I absolutely adore) in this freeform beadweaving. It is a 30X40mm rectangle black onyx ; the painting is extremely detailed with a high polish finish.Find this product (AB-CHL1) at: http://www.artbeads.com/russian-artist-pendants.html. They have many more exclusive pieces to choose from. See all products at http://www.artbeads.com/. Don't miss them!

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