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Sunday, December 28, 2008


December Challenge Winner
There were 658 votes (hugely up again from the last month's number!) this month and with 31 gorgeous entries so we have a resounding winner with 133 votes (20% of the total number of votes). Congratulations to Karin of Gypsy Eyes Jewelry who won with her
Queen of the Frozen Tundra necklace. It truly is a fascinating piece!

Karin says about this piece:
"The Queen is an exquisite hand sculpted and painted porcelain pendant by the fabulous artist Pat Swyler. The patina of her complexion is a lovely icy blue. The crown jewels of her woven head-dress are a shimmering raw silver-gray diamond and magical boulder opals, their brilliant flashes of color reminiscent of the Northern Lights.The necklace represents her kingdom: frost covered branches, snowflakes and icicles - all lovingly hand-beaded/ woven with tiny glass delica beads, opal, aquamarine, rainbow moonstone, pink kunzite, blue topaz and freshwater pearls." See Karin's gorgeous piece at: http://www.gypsyeyesjewelry.etsy.com/.

And, now onto the Jan/Feb Challenge titled: TROPICAL HOLIDAY! That sounds inviting, doesn't it - especially with the cold winter we're all experiencing this year already!
Hmmmm, I have my thoughts....guess I'd better not procrastinate on this one and start beading now. I just found out my next hand surgery is the beginning of January so that will put me out of the beading circle for about 3 months. Talk about pressure! OK, brain: engage!!! Entries are due Feb. 5th, 2009, I'll have to have mine done a month before that. Oh gosh, I'm too old for this kind of pressure......

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GrandmaMarilyns said...

Sorry to hear about your hand surgery, Dini. Hopefully you are able to come up with something before you go for surgery.