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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Marie~France Bowers
was born and raised in France. She moved to the United States after marrying her American partner; now, 43 years later, they are retired and live in Pahrump, NV. Their move from Oregon to Nevada in June of 2003 was to be a life-changing event. During that trip, Marie~France, while driving one of the family’s two vehicles, had a car accident that left her an incomplete quadriplegic (paralyzed from the chest down to her toes, with minimum use of her arms and no use of her hands). With her distinctive French accent, she reports, “..so let me tell you, that was quite a trip!”

The last 5 and a half years have been an emotional roller coaster, but Marie-France continues to meet the challenge with a positive outlook and with faith. Admittedly, she could not have met this challenge without the support of her caregiver husband, two adult children, family and friends.

Although her family
was always the priority in her life, she found time to often play with her paints.

As a child she enjoyed doodling and once her mother even commented about her ability to draw to her. That comment lead her to acknowledge her own artistic ability and in time, she became a self-educated artist.

“My best teacher is in nature itself,” she says. “I recall sitting by the ocean with my family and I would just watch the movement of the sea as the waves came crashing in. Gently caressing the warm sand with my mind’s eye, I would register every shade of color in the water and the way it would recede back into the ocean, leaving traces of wet sand and dividing that sand into different shades of color. I would do that with everything in nature, imagining the palette I needed to acquire the same colors.”

“When my good friend Dini approached me with the idea of adding my paintings to her beads, I thought this was a great idea! Together, we have created ‘The French Quarter’, a collection of my handpainted mini paintings and Dini’s original beaded artwork ~ truly one-of-a-kind mini masterpieces. They can be hung on your wall or sit as a piece of art on your tabletop.”

Together, Marie~France and I sincerely hope you will enjoy visiting “The French Quarter” ~ every one of her paintings not only captures her love of flowers and nature itself but they also capture a piece of her sensitive heart. Enjoy in good health and happiness!

Dini and Marie~France

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Dan Oshins said...

I am a former employer and good friend of Marie France, and I would like to know how she paints, I have been curiuos for years and afraid to ask. She emails me everday and I always wonder how. She will always be my friend as she gave me her friendship years ago and I cherish it. She was there when I needed support at a bad time in my life. I will always wish her the best. I hope both of you have great success with this venture

Dan Oshins