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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

COMING SOON!! - The "Soba Scarves" by http://www.dyedianadye/ and Beadazzled's (http://www.beadazzledoforegon.etsy.com/) "Beaded Doodles" that mate with them! SOBAS (Japanese for noodle) are gorgeously hand-dyed batik scarves dreamed up and designed by my friend Diana Hughes. The DOODLES are created to pair with the coloring of the scarves. Both scarves and Doodles can be purchased in each individual's shop - and if you find a Doodle you love but there's no Soba that works well, Diana is ready to custom make the scarf. By the same token, if you fall in love with that fabulous rust/purple scarf at Diana's and fail to find a blended beaded Doodle, I'm always ready to create one just for you. Here are some photos of the prototypes. Fabulously fun, isn't it? You'll definitely be the only one in your neighborhood with one of these original pairings! Be the first!

Now you must realize this project is currently in the prototype stage; Sobas are ready to purchase at Diana's but I'm in the process of designing multiple uses for your new Doodle; i.e. around-the-pony tail, hanging from a jean pocket like a fob and even worn as a necklace! Why pay for one when you can get 3...or more?!  Ideas are churning around in my head. So when I have the drawings off my desk and into reality in my studio, I'll post the photos of the finished products right here for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned, it won't be long!

hugz, Dini & Diana


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