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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Visiting Studio Friends

Friends from the Forest
Springtime brings out the best of the forest! New growth can be seen everywhere. The pond refills after a very dry winter. With the warmth of the rays, the dragonflies reappear hovering over the top of the water. Warmth grows the algae, a food product for the resident ducks and Canadian geese and the pond's fish life. Tadpoles a' plenty cover the areas close to the shore. When the temperatures remain warmer they will grow their legs and become frogs.
Our home is blessed especially with both of nature's creatures! When we leave the front door open they enter freely and spend the day with me in my studio!  The "ribets" of the frogs sounds like we have a bull frog in tow. Nope, it's only one of those brilliant, green thumb-size little guys but they have a voice that carries afar! Amazing! A handful live under my bedroom window and the racket  they bring to our neighborhood is unparalled.  It's a pond to bring these creatures into our lives. There is nothing like the peacefulness of beading and being blessed with the company of quiet dragonflies and singing frogs.

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Anonymous said...

I also was fortunate enough to experience dragonflies flying in amongst the flowers in my garden. I would listen to the mighty frogs singing in their pond, while I contemplated, Peyote, RAW, no, wait, Herringbone it is. Alas, this is a memory now. That peaceful house at the edge of a small farming community has been sold, now we live in a city subdivision. Someone else gets to enjoy my yard, with all its attributes. Someday soon however, we plan for our next home, once again enjoy the dragonflies as they fly throughout the flowers, and listen to the frogs as they call out to one another!