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Monday, June 8, 2009


Sponsored by: Artbeads and Rainbows of Light.
A Creative Contest
for the playful artist, the inspired stringer and the patient beadweaver.

Produced by fellow beader, Scarlett Lanson (Use the Muse)

In Scarlett's own words: "The USE THE MUSE Beading Contest is a design competition that I created for people who have a love for beads and jewelry making. I have garnered a certain level of recognition in the beading world for my participation in several major beading contests and Beadwork magazines' "The Challenge". Entering these competitions has pushed me to grow further as an artist and experiment with materials that I would not usually work with. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for these events challenging me to participate and develop my skills as a beader.

Through my communications with beaders of all skill levels, from novice to advanced, I have learned that many of you would like to enter a contest, but are discouraged or intimidated by the grand scale of some of the other entries, or the expansive timelines. I wanted to provide a fun and creative outlet for those beaders! I wanted to create a sort of competition that I would want to enter.... that fills the voids that are so apparent in all the other contests. I wanted to create a competition for all types of beaders... stringers, beadweavers, and embroiderers - that had a shortened timeline - and a BIG PAYOFF!

My contest only runs ten weeks, and winners are announced just two weeks after entries are submitted. And the

PRIZES are big! They are tangible, visible, and very desirable! I selected each prize package with my sponsors Rainbows of Light and Artbeads.com and designed it with the winners in mind. Every part of this contest was carefully thought out to create the most exciting and inspiring event possible.

SO WHAT IS THE MUSE ANYWAY? The MUSE is the central component in my contest! Each participant will purchase a contest kit, with an assortment of stunning beads, from crystals, to pearls, to silk, to seed beads, and more. From this kit, they will create their own design entry. They are allowed to use as much or as little of the kit as they choose, and are encouraged to incorporate their own beads and elements to create the most unique piece possible. The main rule however, is that they must USE THE MUSE. The MUSE is a mystery component that participants do not get to see until their kit package arrives in the mail! It is a design element that is carefully chosen to be interesting and usable by both stringers and beadweavers. The element complements the rest of the contest kit and may be a focal, pendant, art bead, or unique design component.

Details of the MUSE component are not to be revealed or discussed publicly until the "BIG REVEAL" at the end of the contest, when the winners and entries will be posted on this site. This is to preserve the mystery and the fun of having a SURPRISE design element, for both participants and onlookers. What I can tell you, is that the MUSE is a beautiful and versatile mystery component from drumrolll please.... Lillypilly! Please help keep the secret! Keeping the MUSE a mystery is essential to the fun!

I invite you to participate in the first International USE THE MUSE Contest and share it with your friends! To learn more, judging criteria, deadlines, and prizes will be blogged about right here at Beadazzled of Oregon in a few days!"

I'm taking the challenge ~ sounds exciting and fun to me! How about you?

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