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Saturday, October 18, 2008


When I was younger, much younger, in my 20's and 30's, I always hauled out the paints or the macrame cording and beads or spent eons of time locked in my quilting room. The quest was, at that time, to save money and make my own gifts for the holidays and for celebrations. Then, as time and a little more "spendable income" loosened up in my life, I still always made a few special gifts but often resorted to fighting the mall crowds and purchasing from the economy and grumbling the whole way.

Now, especially this year with the economy on such a downhill train, once again I hear that distant call for DIY. What, you say, but how will the economy ever get healthier if we all stop buying (which will never happen) and start creating ourselves (which is such great fun!)? If for one minute I felt guilty for that thought process, I re-educate myself quickly to realize that in order to DIY, you have to rely to some degree on purchasing your supplies from the economy ~ thus helping to keep it stronger. So, maybe it's a win-win!

There is absolutely no gift more valuable, more sentimental, more special than a handmade gift. Either made by yourself or purchased from a crafter, your gift shows you really put some careful thought into this situation. You have saved car gas, less vehicle emissions into our atmosphere, possibly a meal out while shopping for hours on end, the savings are endless.

"What", you say, "I am the un-craftiest person you ever met! I can't make anything handmade." One holiday year I made my own wrapping paper; using plain brown butcher paper, stamping it with a few special stamps, splattering it with poster paint and tying it with cheap raffia. The compliments and comments continued on into spring! It was different, it was unique, it was anything but costly and my receivers remembered and loved it! How simple was that?!

In these horrendously economically challenging times, there are many reasons for us to curb our checkbook usage, much less those plastic cards. We will still need to purchase the supplies needed to make our gifts (which continues to support our economy) but the labor and the love is all on us. It's another way of keeping labor right here in America!

For a few suggestions of handmade possibilities, which include a list of supplies and complete instructions, you might look into the DIY network:
http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/crafts. Your local craft stores have libraries of craft books including books for people who don't call themselves "crafters".

The other way you can support this issue is to purchase your gifts directly from the crafters and artists themselves, like Beadazzled's blogsite right here! See something you just know would be perfect for your mother-in-law? Oops, it's not the right color for her. Well, contact us and we'll talk about creating a beaded piece of art just for her, in her own special colors. Voila! Your shopping is complete. All you have to do is wrap and give. (You can even spatter your wrapping paper if that would make you feel better!)

Have a wonderful, creative holiday season and remember, handmade comes straight from the heart; both yours and mine. Don't let these thoughts only pertain to the holidays,
continue supporting "handmade" the entire year.

From Your Beadzy Nut,

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